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The beginnings of Stephane Portha



Stephane Portha took part in the creation of revolutionary tools at the beginning of the internet. This pioneer was amongst those who settled the first news network, based on UUCP in the eighties. He was also there at the beginning of Minitel. This expert did not miss the implementation of the first internet network on the cable, named Multicâble at the time.

Those experiences made this passionate person a successful programmer and entrepreneur with a specialization in online games. He has significant skills in game development, strategic partnerships, mobile games, network engineering, entrepreneurship… and those are only a sample of what he can perform as a professional. He speaks french, his mother tongue, and is fluent in english, a very useful ability in his line of work.

Stephane Portha and his greatest passion

Highly invested in technology and a bit of a geek himself, he made video games his greatest passion. A surprise, even for him, when he was playing Pong in 1972. This discovery hit him again in 1980 when he had the mission to program “Tanks”, another game, on Sharp PC-1211 and ZX81.

So, he was expected to become a creator of online games. Creating video games was inevitable for his career and it comes with no surprise if today, he is still evolving towards this main target. This area of expertise is noticeable in all positions he held in the past. Before owning his own company, he started as a studio manager in Toonslab, a firm based in Mauritius. He also became the co-owner of Linux Cyberjoueurs during more than seven years. Even his position as project manager at Orange is linked to technology.

Only later, he’s considered as one of the pioneers of networks at Canal 4 where he worked during about three years. He is also an actor of the launching of the internet in France.

Stephane Portha, a businessman

His passion for video games brought him to set up a business related to this area. Ten years after his programming mission, he created Eurocenter, a company that allows him to focus both on his dedication for video games and on his pursuit of technological innovations. This company selled network games on Minitel and later, traded Graalonline massively multiplayer (MO).

The company did not stop its progress and contributed to the launching of many games on Appstore. For instance, Graalonline Zone, the first MMO game used on Smartphone iOS, which confirms again that this company was among the firsts to develop that kind of technology. The firm changed its name since then and is now named “Eurocenter Games”.

With 8 millions games spred on Appstore, one can say that the success has been phenomenal for this start-up company. Despite of that, the firm did not reject some values and keeps on following the principles of independant game developers and most of all, it remains committed to its playerbase community.

One can say that this entrepreneur, despite his success, always kept his simplicity and focused only on the work. He never quit looking for the best way to improve technology and to satisfy the users.

Stephane Portha, build his own kingdom

  • 1989 - Present


    Founder and CEO

    Just like the heroes of his favorite video games, Mr Portha decided to go on with his experiences in gaming and information networks developing, but in an independant manner. To achieve that purpose, he must build his own french digital kingdom. That is the reason why he found the Eurocenter firm in 1989. This was the main donjon of his castle, but he must build the walls. That’s why he became manager and partner manager of many digital firms. He became the manager of the now famous Linux firm. He also became co-manager of the firm, manager of the Neogeo company, manager of Inmob company and also founder of the Multicable company. In the information network field, he helped founding the Wanadoo service, marketed by Orange, a french web operator.

  • 1996 - 1998


    Project management

    He became co-manager of the firm, manager of the Neogeo company, manager of Inmob company and also founder of the Multicable company. In the information network field, he helped founding the Wanadoo service, marketed by Orange, a french web operator. He also helped the satelite’s french and american information networks to associate themselves, leading to the apparition of Internet in France. In the vidéo game domain, he created, with his partner Stefan Knorr, the first massve multiplayers game, called Graalonline classical, wich is a standard of the video games.


The Internet Advent, and the huge development of the touchpads and the smartphone didn’t frighten Stéphan Portha, the digital blooded guy. In 2007, his firm Eurocenter, now called Eurocenter games, entite of the Eurocenter Group, produced the first games available on Appstore. They produced a version of Graalonline freetoplay, available on Smartphone’s iOS platform. His firm Multicable, the ancester of the modern fiber networks, became a major actor in the web business in France. Today Eurocenter Games is offering three modern versions of Graalonline. One can find Graalonline Classical +, Graalonline Zone + and Era +. These massiv multiplayers games, available on each modern platforms Ios and Android, became quickly some smash hits. Graalonline Classical + is about building his own kingdom in a medival universe. Graalonline Zone + is about building his own intergalactic empire. Era + is about developing his own mafia empire, in moderns and urbans surroundings. Scenarios that eerily echo the preoccupations of Stephane Portha in real life. With 8 million games sold on Appstore, Mr Portha completed the first three levels of his professional life. But the game is never over.

GraalOnline Era


GraalOnline Zone


GraalOnline Classic


GraalOnline Ol’West



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